about the artist

hmmm... what should you know about me? again, i'm kate and i am a self-taught artist who loves all things creative. i enjoy the challenge of mimicking styles of art and also the adventure of creating my own look for custom projects. my art mostly consists of specific subjects commissioned by clients such as portraits, animals, abstract art, custom murals, and several pieces designed uniquely for an intended space. of course, some of you may know me for my hand-painted vhs tapes!

as well as being an artist, i am a stay at home mom with two amazing daughters. when i’m not busy momming, i am usually writing, doing crafts, singing as if no one is listening when i am certain no one is listening. and of course i'm usually cleaning because what mom isn’t cleaning during her time "off"?! anyway, oreos are my vice unless we're out of milk. i overuse exclamation points! i collect elephants, each the size of a mouse. and when my husband and i go antiquing we are always on the hunt for the next one to add to my collection.

to summarize, here i am! and i'm so grateful you are too! while you're here please check out my portfolio and contact me if there's something you have in mind for me to create!


/ˈärdəst/ noun:

a person who produces paintings, drawings, or other various creative arts as a profession or hobby. "everyone is an artist. go people watching and you'll see what i mean."-k8