about this painting.

there are some paintings that are a little more meaningful in a way i can't explain. this is one of them.

these flower fairies are inspired by an artist named cicely mary barker who illustrated the original artwork as early as 1923. it was important to really convey her style and cohesively combine years of her work into one painting. it was fun to mimic her soft and airy paint strokes while also adding touches of my style and sentimental elements as well.

this acrylic painting now lives in cambridge, massachusetts along with many other fairies in their home. it was finished the last few weeks of living in boston and when i see this piece i feel like i'm right back to the time i spent painting it.

kids will be kids.

yes, this is very true but, kids also grow up fast and as a mother of two myself i definitely understand why parents often say "don't blink!"

for this client i decided to go with a more mature and elegant painting of a unicorn. this way margot can cherish this special gift from her grandparents for years instead of tossing it out with her baby toys when she's a bit older.

the elephant in the room.

i know what you may be thinking... why so many elephants!?

and yes, let's address this! i'm aware there are many throughout this portfolio and to be honest, i hope to add more. ever since i was really young i loved elephants and now when i look through photos of my childhood i see hidden elephants riddled within my forgotten memories.

they say elephants never forget. wishfully, i hope the first elephant in my life remembers when my love for them started because i can't. anyway, if you're an elephant lover like me then you're at the right place!

  • custom portraits.

    like a song or a scent that pulls you to a moment, an image can take someone back to a loved one no matter how far they may be. whether its a faded image of your parents saying "i do", a favorite picture of your children, or a photo of you and your bestie; send the pic my way and i can paint a piece of art custom to any moment special to you. contact me for custom portraits today!

as custom as your heart desires.

yes, i do murals too!

i am eager to have a few more murals to add to my portfolio. and for this reason, if you are in the north dallas area you could qualify for a FREE mural! yes, free!

contact me for more information.

oil, watercolor, pencil and acrylic.

the possibilities are endless and my imagination can run pretty wild! i'd love to hear what artwork you've been wanting and it would be so wonderful to have the opportunity to fill your walls with art! whether its in oil, watercolor, pencil, acrylic, burned into wood or cut outta paper; my next project is only a few clicks away from happening! i hope to see you there!