the goonies

truffle shuffle!

do you remember the days of visiting your local video rental store and hoping your movie selection was still available? with "hollywood video" stickered on the edge and with its bulky clamshell case, this five-day rental really takes me back; back before cellphones were in everyone's pocket, before we started locking our front doors, and before people began turning everything into a dang meme! ...back in the good ole' days of truffle shuffling!


how it all started...

i've been asked how i got the idea to paint vhs tapes and it actually started with my love for elephants. i one day thought it would be cool to paint dumbo on the actual tape. so i got online to try to find the movie and suddenly and almost instantly i became obsessed. i too had joined the vhs tape cult and with every movie i wanted i took yet another sip of the kool-aid. it's funny tho cause i still haven't painted this one... but i will soon, i promise.

the big lebowski

the dude abides.

when it comes to choosing a scene to paint, i only abide by one rule for certain. i will never paint the same scene twice. this means when you buy one of my hand painted vhs tapes, not only is the idea in itself unique, and the painting an original, but also the scene is literally one of a kind and will never again be duplicated in the k8 collection.

so, if you're a star wars fan, wildly obsessed with titanic, have a floor to ceiling collection of tmnt collectibles or if you have a specific scene from the notebook in mind, let me know so you can get on the list for a one and only painted movie with the scene of your choice!


who you gonna call?

i loved this movie growing up and the notorious song it would leave behind in my head. it was a no-brainer when i decided to paint this movie. what movie would you pick? when you're ready for a painting of your favorite movie who you gonna call?! i know this answer. you should contact me, of course!


check out the tapes that are available now and awaiting paint! if you don't see the movie you want, let me know and i'll put out a search for it. by purchasing any of the pre-released vhs tapes you are joining the waiting list for the next painted vhs tape and i will reach out shortly to start!